41 Amazing Soccer Logos Ever

Soccer logos are some of the most creative sports emblems that we can see. However, once a major tournament goes in full swing and the quarter finals come on, you might be at a loss on what team is playing, if you are not well informed about soccer logos. So we thought that now is the best time to have a closer look at some creative soccer logos. We scoured the net for some resources and presented the most amazingly designed soccer logos below.

The soccer ball has a simplicity that is unique in itself. With such feature it lends itself better to some bold logos and allows more creativity to smart designers. Browse on the list below to see for yourself. While browsing our collection of soccer logos, please bear in mind that being entirely original is quite hard because there are a lot of soccer teams. We concentrated our attention to soccer logos that are easily distinguishable and able to stand out from the rest. The descriptiveness of soccer logos is also an important consideration. Soccer logos must describe themselves and make sense to their target audience.

After browsing, please share your thoughts with us through in the comments. You may also share these soccer logos with your friends.

Australia Football Logo

Primary Logo for the Australian football team. It features the kangaroo, which is a universal symbol for the country.

Australia Football Logo

Mexico Football Logo

This is the official logo for the Mexican football team. It features an eagle set in a circle going around some Aztec designs.

Mexico Football Logo

Mongolia Football Logo

The primary logo for the Mongolian football team. Mongolia participates in the Asian Football Confederation.

Mongolia Football Logo

Dominica Football Logo

This official logo for the Dominican football team is designed with a soccer player portrayed within a circle of typography.

Dominica Football Logo

Austria Football Logo

The Austrian football logo from 1964 to present. Austria participates in the UEFA.

Austria Football Logo

Bosnia-Herzegovina Football Logo

The Bosnia-Herzegovina football logo in use from 1996. It features a map of the country set on a yellow soccer ball.

Bosnia-Herzegovina Football Logo

Boston Dynamo Football Logo

The Boston Dynamo football logo. It has a soccer ball set on a black shield that is highlighted by orange starburst. The whole design is done in white background.

Boston Dynamo Football Logo

Czech Republic Football Logo

The primary logo used by Czech Republic since 2012. It features a white crowned lion over a red background.

Czech Republic Football Logo

Toronto Football Club Logo

This is the official logo for the Toronto Football Club. It features a big letter “T” set on a red shield. A maple leaf is added on top. The logo has been in used since 2007.

Toronto Football Club Logo

Spain Football Logo

Spanish crest with the crown and pillars used by Spain from 1978 to 2004.

Spain Football Logo

England Football Logo

Primary Football logo for England since 2010. It replaced an older logo, which was in use since 1954.

England Football Logo

Montreal Impact Football Logo

The Montreal Impact has a white Fleur-de-lis on its logo. The flower is set on a blue shield that has a black banner with the team name, 4 gray stars and vertical bars in black and blue below it.

Montreal Impact Football Logo

San Marino Football Logo

This San Marino Logo is formed by a crest that is set inside a blue circle. It is in use since 1988.

San Marino Football Logo

Northern Ireland Football Logo

The logo for Northern Ireland. It is formed by a yellow and blue cross with a circle.

Northern Ireland Football Logo

Luxemburg Football Logo

Something quite unique in the Luxemburg logo – a soccer player done in white, blue and red inside a circle.

Luxemburg Football Logo

Greece Football Logo

A simple but stunning combination of royal blue and white, this is the primary logo used by Greece since 2005.

Greece Football Logo

New England Revolution Football Logo

New England Revolution included the American flag in its logo. Paint brushed blue soccer ball stars are included in the design.

New England Revolution Football Logo

Black Leopards Football Club Logo

This is the logo for the Black Leopards FC. The team is from South Africa and is based in Polokwane, Limpopo. Black Leopards play in National First Division.

Black Leopards Football Club Logo

DC United Football Logo

The DC United official logo. It features a black eagle with its wings spread fully out and set on a red shield with some script.

DC United Football Logo

Bushbucks Football Club Logo

This logo is for the Bushbucks Football Club, which is a team from New London, South Africa.

Bushbucks Football Club Logo

Arsenal Gunners Football Logo

This team originated as Dial Square in 1886. They were nicknamed the gunners because they originally played adjacent to a naval training base arsenal, which has cannons on the grounds.

Arsenal Gunners Football Logo

African Warriors Football Logo

This is the logo for the African Warriors that is done in a single color.

African Warriors Football Logo

Bloemfontein Celtic Football Club Logo

This is the logo for the Bloemfontein Celtic, which is a football club from South Africa that is playing in the Premier Soccer League.

Bloemfontein Celtic Football Club Logo

Wales Football Logo

The main logo for Wales. It is formed by a dragon with hearts that is set in a shield with banner and green outline.

Wales Football Logo

Bidvest Wits Football Club Logo

This team is also called the Wits University Football Club. It is based in Braamfontein in Johannesburg.

Bidvest Wits Football Club Logo

Portugal Football Logo

The primary logo for Portugal, which is composed of a red shield set in a cross.

Portugal Football Logo

Italy Football Logo

The Italian logo formed by a soccer ball inside a shield with the Italian tricolors.

Italy Football Logo

Ireland Football Logo

The primary logo for Ireland that is in use since 1923.

Ireland Football Logo

Moldova Football Logo

The Moldavian logo that is used since 1994. It is formed by the letters “FMF” that is set on a red, yellow and blue shield with crown.

Moldova Football Logo

Montenegro Football Logo

The primary football logo for Montenegro. It is formed by a soccer ball set high on a red shield with the letters “FSCG”.

Montenegro Football Logo

Lithuania Football Logo

Not one to use different soccer logos, the primary logo of Lithuania is in use since 1992. It is formed by the green letters “LFF” with a soccer ball on a yellow shield.

Lithuania Football Logo

Israel Football Logo

The main soccer logo of Israel Football Association.

Israel Football Logo

Poland Football Logo

One of the soccer logos used by Poland, which is a more unique design than the one used from 2006 to 2010.

Poland Football Logo

Solomon Islands Logo

The primary logo for the Solomon Islands, which is in use since 1984. It is formed by a soccer ball set in streaking S and highlighted with stars.

Solomon Islands Logo

Serbia Football Logo

The present football logo that is used by Serbia. It has been in use since 2006.

Serbia Football Logo

New Zealand Football Logo

One of the simpler soccer logos in existence, the official logo of New Zealand is a simple design in single color.

New Zealand Football Logo

Slovakia Football Logo

One of the more unique soccer logos, the Slovakian design has a soccer ball with a green hook.

Slovakia Football Logo

Timor-Leste Football Logo

This logo has been in use since 2006. It features a sun that is represented by a soccer ball on a green and blue background.

Timor-Leste Football Logo

Russia Football Logo

The second version of the Russian soccer logos, this one has been in use since 2011.

Russia Football Logo

American Samoa Football Logo

This soccer logo has been in use by American Samoa since 1983.

American Samoa Football Logo

Fiji Football Logo

This soccer logo is formed by a soccer ball with a rope tied around it and going to a bag under them.

Fiji Football Logo

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